Our Company

Value Statement

 Trublu Financial Services is a micro-financial institution established with the sole
purpose of financing opportunities through financial technology. Our strategic focus is to
operate above the limitations of traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial
services. FinTech is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance.
Our focus is on facilitating the development of ambitious individuals looking to break
the barriers of life.
We are already on the path of creating the most prominent, respected, and respectful loan
firm for ambitious people who are looking to take a step further into a whole new horizon.

Vision Statement


Mission Statement

To invest in the technologically savvy generation and enabling the realization of their full
potential, be inspired, and finance their opportunities.

Our Services

# Work & Travel Financing

Our Work & Travel financing provides University/College students and young professionals with the opportunity to venture into the United States of America, China, or Japan, for short and medium-term employment while benefiting from cultural exchange. 
 To safeguard our Work & Travel clients traveling to the United States of America, we will only provide funding for students who are registered with a certified Work & Travel Agency. 

Repayment Options:

Clients have access to two repayment options which depend on the agency that they are registered with. These are:

June Repayment- This option is available exclusively to clients registered with one of our partnered agencies. With this option, we provide (1) financing of up to 75% of the program fee and (2) plane fare expenses coverage. With this option, clients can start their repayment in June when they are scheduled to start working until August when their job is expected to end. 

Design your repayment- This option is available to both (1) clients who are registered with an agency that is not a partnered agency and (2) clients who are registered with a partnered agency and are requesting up to 100% financing. With this option, clients will be able to start repayment one month after the loan has been approved. We allow clients to select the amount that they can repay monthly/ biweekly on the application form. Clients who select this option will also receive plane fare expenses coverage. 

Conditions Apply*
Contact us to speak with a representative to choose the option that is right for you.
Note that payments are made directly to the Work & Travel Agency. 

# Personal Financing

Our personal financing option provides fast, easy, and convenient financing for professionals. You can access personal financing if you are (1) enrolled in our Trublu Exclusive Program or (2) Employed with a partnered agency. 

Contact us to speak with a representative to get access to your personal financing.

# Private Practice Financing 

Financial service for your practice.

Our private practice financing helps our clients achieve their professional goals, whether through starting or growing an existing practice. Clients can choose between one of three options:

Debt Financing 

By choosing debt financing, you will be able to access up to 100% financing with up to four (4) years to repay. Our debt financing option is uniquely designed to provide you with a balanced financial structure for your practice. You can access two (2) payment holidays to conveniently manage your cash flow. 

Equity Financing 

Our equity financing allows you to partner with us to strategically manage and grow your private practice. It provides capital for Medical Doctors to start and maintain their private practice while reducing debt. As an equity partner, we will share the risk, knowledge, and expertise. 

Debt & Equity Financing

Access our diverse financing option with a mixture of both equity and debt financing to balance your finances and practice management. This option allows you to borrow the amount you need to fund your practice and allow to strategically partner with Trublu to manage your practice. 

If you choose any of our equity options, we will assist with:

Sourcing supplies and equipment. 

Obtaining bank accounts. 

Providing legal counsel. 

Managing practice insurance.

Managing digital payment systems 

Managing provider membership with major insurance companies.

Filing taxes.

Creating quarterly budgets and financial statements.

Managing external stakeholders. 

Managing Payroll

Providing a credit line.

Contact us to speak with a Practice Specialist to choose the option that is right for you. 
All financing is subject to credit approval.